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Case Studies describing some of the ways which Networking Unlimited, Inc. clients have benefited from our services.

A client with very conservative firewall administration policies was suffering because even though they installed redundant firewalls, applications could not automatically take advantage of the redundancy because the static routing used would continue to deliver outbound packets to a down firewall. Dr. Jones designed a router and firewall configuration which allowed the firewalls to automatically take over for one another without degrading security or modifying the existing security policy.
Normally, moving a data center requires a "flash cutover" of the network providing remote systems access. Dr. Jones developed a series of router configuration changes which allowed the data center routers to be moved one at a time, bringing down the old lines only after the new lines were proven, and providing uninterrupted user support for the entire duration of the move.
A remote warehouse consisting of multiple LAN segments connected by fiber links required communications with NO single point of failure. Dr. Jones designed a configuration that allowed users on the LAN to continue full operations (except IPX) if any router, WAN link, switch, or inter-LAN link failed, while loss of a hub, controller or user system would only affect the users on that piece of the network.
A modular controller with two internal processors was failing intermittently in a critical control application. Dr. Jones worked with the manufacturer's engineers to track down the cause of the system lockup and develop a solution.
Conventional ISDN dial backup configuration can only dial a single destination number for any single IP address. Dr. Jones developed an ISDN dial backup configuration which allowed any remote to call any core router as if all core routers were just different phone numbers for the same interface on the same router.
A worldwide organization had performance problems due to the high priority assigned to DLSw traffic on their international links when the SNA service was used for bulk transfers. Dr. Jones designed a configuration that forced only the SNA traffic onto a dedicated low speed link while retaining the ability to use the shared international links for backup.
A large manufacturing facility was preparing to release an RFP to overhaul their factory floor communications. Dr. Jones provided a critical review of the RFP, detecting a number of inconsistencies and worked with the manufacturer's IS staff to ensure that all vital needs really were being covered.
An expanding retail chain could not get the local RBOC to install frame relay and ISDN services to match their store opening schedules. Dr. Jones designed and implemented an asynchronous dial-in server and matching store router configurations to support all IP and IPX requirements over available POTS lines.
A highly visible organization suffered multiple embarrassing web server failures over a period of several months. Dr. Jones was called in to review all aspects of the operation from validation of their selection of NT versus Unix servers, to analysis of firewall crashes, to suggestions on how best to work around ISP failures.
Networking Unlimited, Inc. has been engaged in many challenging opportunities over the years, not all of which are suitable for full case study treatment. Here we present some of the more interesting ones, including facilitating development of a strategic architecture, analysis of evolving standards, management consulting, protocol development, and hardware debugging.

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