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Critical Review of an Extended LAN RFP

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A large manufacturing facility was preparing to release an RFP to overhaul their factory floor communications. Networking Unlimited, Inc. provided a critical review of the RFP, detecting a number of inconsistencies and worked with the manufacturer's IS staff to ensure that all vital needs really were being covered.


The plant communications manager for a large manufacturing facility wanted to make sure that his engineers had not inadvertantly overlooked anything important before releasing an RFP for a major communications infrastructure upgrade.

Technical Approach

Networking Unlimited, Inc. met with his team to discuss key requirements and their design criteria, then performed a detailed analysis of the RFP, looking for ways to satisfy the requirements of the RFP without providing the functionality or reliability required by the client. Detailed analysis uncovered a number of ambiguities which were discussed in a second meeting with the team, where several critical decisions which needed to be made were presented, along with the trade-offs involved, and sample wording for areas where the specification could be misinterpreted was provided.

Bottom Line Results

Based on their improved understanding of the issues involved, the team decided to limit the short term objective to enhancing the connectivity of the existing backbone networks to better match traffic patterns and postpone the RFP for the full upgrade until the technologies involved matured.

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